About Us

Established in 2011, Konceda Pty Ltd provides complete range of IT solutions, learning platform and supported activates including Web Presence, e-portfolios, Power and IT Products, Security solutions and their integration into the systems,support and consultancy, etc. To support its valued customers, Konceda continues to explore top of the line products and solutions which are energy efficient, highly reliable and cost effective. The products and solutions address the needs of home office, to large corporations, educational institutions and universities, industrial plants and data centers.

Currently, headed by Tehmina Mobeen Butt as Managing Director. Tehmina, with an aim to provide best services to the customers as customer satisfaction plays a vital role in a success of any business. As being the head of the company she gives utmost significance to a proper communication with the customers as well as making Konceda's customers feel comfortable in the contemporary environment. At Konceda, she prefers to stay on top of all activies and regularly conduct Scums and meetings to ensure full customer satisfaction and smooth operations across continents. Konceda plans to enter in new venues in the next year and believes that Australian market is ready for the new IT revoloution and its types of products.

We have customers across Australia and the Asia/Pacific region, ranging from small schools to large, multinational corporations, government and semi-government departments.

We are advocates of open source technology and support free-flowing innovative ways of thinking, working, and delivering. Our creativity is applied to product innovations that enables us not just to meet, but to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Mission Statement:
To go beyond today by creating innovative, futurist and effective solutions that brings best value for money for all stakeholders.

Our Core belief:
We in Konceda believe that every great business is built on friendship. Our core value shapes and reflects our culture and defines the environment of Konceda as a company. We stretch beyond:

  • Boundaries - Stretching beyond our limits allows us to innovate and push the boundaries of possibility.
  • Today - Looking at the bigger picture allows us to promote lifelong learning beyond today.
  • Knowledge - We use learning and development to create prosperity, providing support to our diverse global communities.
  • Expectations - We delight our customers by giving them right solutions, helping them to grow their school or business.
Our Core Asset:
The most important asset of Konceda, that allows us to truly stretch beyond, is our people. Although technology is at our heart, it is our enthusiastic team that is paramount to our success, and that helps to ultimately shape the future.

As a team, we are focused to create innovative solutions that enable our customers to stretch further, and achieve greater successes. Working together, we are already helping more than 4,000 customers.

Our managers are a hands-on group of individuals who use their extensive skills and expertise to guide our teams. They understand the needs of the marketplace and have a proven record of consistently developing products and services. To find out more about us, just get in touch.